Letters to SantaHuntington's Christmas Tree

When you think of Christmas in the Tri-State area, what do you think about? I think of Huntington’s annual Christmas parade, Ashland’s Central Park Winter Wonderland of Lights, cruising to see festively decorated houses, and visiting Santa at the mall. Since my toddler was born, I’ve discovered that these events are so much more exciting to experience alongside her. As cheesy as it sounds, I want her to see the world (with mommy tagging along behind her). This small town area may not have it all, but it has so much to offer! Did you know that there’s a Christmas Huntington Express that is similar to Polar Express where children are encouraged to arrive in their PJs? Have you heard about the cozy campfire at Ritter Park that includes s’mores, cocoa, and a visit with Santa? What about the Cabell Library’s Whoville event that will make your child believe they are really in Whoville? All of these things and SO MUCH more is offered in our area. Most importantly, so many of these events are FREE! If you’re like me, the price tag on most events will definitely keep me home on the couch instead of out enjoying life. Well, after becoming the go-to gal for weekend events and with the extra nudge from family and friends, I decided I needed to make a one-stop shop (if you will) for these events. So, here we are. I hope you’ll follow along.