13707756_10157177323260608_244516067718789272_nSpur of the moment trips can be so exciting. My family decided to travel to a new area and do some sightseeing this weekend. We loaded up the car with snacks and took off! Our destination was a little known town (to us, at least) named Yellow Springs, Oh. I read one of those “only in your state” articles and instantly fell in love with the charm of this little place. So, off we went to encounter it, firsthand. We made our first stop at Historic Clifton Mills right at the three hour mark of our drive (from Huntington, WV). If you blink, you’ll miss the sign and the turn that takes you to this historic grist mill. Apparently, they have a wild Christmas light show. You could see signs of this on the outside of the mill, several buildings, and a covered bridge nearby. The view of the mill alongside the creek bank and the water was breathtaking.

13726841_10157177323205608_4332269982922122096_nAfter several minutes of meandering the outside of the mill and checking out the interesting gift shop/restaurant, we loaded up to see the town of Yellow Springs which was only minutes away. The town is very walkable with quaint shops plus lots of outdoor seating at local restaurants. It is a very artsy area. Even the trash and recycling receptacles were beautifully made with recycled glass pieces. Despite the intense heat, we walked several blocks of the city adoring each shop along the way. Once my wee babe grew weary we decided it was time to make our way to Young’s Dairy Farm for some ice cream.


Less than five minutes from the town, right off the main road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere is a massive dairy farm/destination. As evident by the name, Young’s Dairy Farm is an actual dairy farm that they have turned into a popular family destination. Not only do they have a huge ice cream shop with more flavors than you can name, they have a petting zoo, playground area, bouncy house, train ride, batting cages, putt putt golf, driving range, restaurant, and more. Needless to say, it was amazing! My wee babe loved everything they had to offer.  We had a wonderful visit and will definitely place Yellow Springs on our short list for a return visit again (maybe in the fall when it’s cooler).   Be sure to check out my full list of extended adventure locations. http://tentsandtantrums.com/extended-area-adventures/                                                          13709752_10157177324785608_5777566302774409920_n 13729156_10157177324435608_2109224063184822338_n 13697017_10157177324625608_3717002143079939056_n13707748_10157177324780608_3726450562060565759_n13754152_10157177324495608_1525608641876095580_n