Must See: Ashland Christmas Parade! Check out one of the largest Christmas shows around. You’ll find the details here.

Must Do: Feeding the Needy Skate Event. Find out how to enjoy an evening of skating for just $3 while feeding those in need here.

Must Eat: Peace, Love, and Donuts GRAND OPENING on Wednesday! Check them out on the corner of 3rd ave and 8th st!

Must Experience: Black Friday Hiking! Check out the details about how to have a relaxing Black Friday here.

Local Business Spotlight: Lasso Games, LLC. An independent game developer located in Huntington, WV. Our team is composed of 8 members, each specializing in areas of game design, code composition, art/music, and web development. Our goal is to create fun and accessible games that are easy to understand, challenging, have depth of content, and are rich in expression.

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Happy Thanksgiving Week!